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Proofreading Test Title

Badly written or error-riddled texts can do substantial damage not only with regard to a company’s reputation but also regarding its services and products (product sales, warranties, etc.). Appealing and easily comprehensible texts, however, can form the basis for successful communication and can guarantee long-term success on international markets. Test Text

Nowadays, no text should be published or distributed without having been proofread by an expert. This is especially the case when it comes to texts written in a foreign language. Even if you are familiar with the vocabulary of the relevant foreign language, minor errors can still easily creep in with regard to punctuation, grammar, or spelling. These may harm the author’s reputation. Only error-free texts convince the business partner or potential customer to invest in your products and services. We would be more than happy to proofread your texts, not only those written in a foreign language but also those written in English.

We proofread the following types of texts:

  • Technical and scientific documents (contributions to scientific journals, reference books, master’s and bachelor’s theses, etc.)
  • Print media (brochures, business reports and annual reports, catalogues, newsletters, etc.)
  • PR (public relations and press releases)
  • IR (investor relations)
  • Marketing-related texts
  • Website texts (corporate presentations, product descriptions, press releases, reviews, etc.)
  • Business correspondence
  • Contracts
  • General terms and conditions

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